Digital Marketing - Importance

You might like it or not, but you can no longer afford to increase your business with your brick and mortar store. You might not be aware about it but your next door neighbour might be purchasing goods that you stock from an online store. The average person no longer has the time to visit physical stores (superstores are a different category) to purchase their requirement. A couple of years ago, people used to use their laptop or desktop to connect to the internet for purchasing stuff. However, a good percentage of them also used to buy goods from physical stores. The advent of affordable smartphones and low cost mobile net has changes the scenario completely.

Shopping on the go

Based on estimates, in excess of 75% of individuals nowadays use smartphones to purchase their needs while on the move. You might be missing out these potential clients if you do not have an online store. Therefore, the first step is to launch your online store, get it search engine optimized through a professional agency, and start promoting your products and services through it. However, you should not ignore social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc., as they help you engage with potential clients and promote your business. Unfortunately, you cannot use this option to gain access to the Chinese market. In a prime example of net censorship, that country forces its citizens to depend on chinese social media for marketing. Although it has a political angle and is targeted to prevent Chinese citizens from informing the world about the atrocious political atmosphere about that country, you can leverage the power of the Chinese social media to promote your services and goods to citizens of that country.

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It is not one way traffic

Although China prevents its citizens from accessing international social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter, it does not prevent international companies from promoting their wares through their social media. Prime examples include:

- WeChat, Sina Weibo (equivalent to Twitter)

- Tencent QQ (instant messenger)

- Baidu Tieba (a Chinese search engine as powerful and as popular as Google)

- Youku Tudou (equivalent of YouTube).

- Zhihu (the Chinese equivalent of Quora)

- Meituan Dianping (Yelp's Chinese version)

- Meipai (Chinese counterpart of Instagram)

Promote your goods to China

You can easily use those platforms to promote your business to China. You will need to get hold of a professional translator to translate your website into Mandarin and Cantonese... the two primary languages spoken in China. After that, get hold of a professional Chinese SEO company that will spread the word about your store and its products by advertising about them in the local social media. Implemented properly, it shall not be long before you notice enquiries coming from that country. Obviously, you will need to hire a Chinese assistant, conversant in those languages, to reply to business mails arriving from that country. Boost your business today and start capturing a major proportion of the international market with the help of Chinese social media.